Photo: G L Brierley in London

G L Brierley


.......Over time, as these different manners of applying paint fused together at the centre of the canvas, a painted mass took up residence, flipping between materiality and the non-thing, not securely a depiction but not nothing either: both, really, at once. And, as a reflection of the ontological slipperiness of the painted object and the painting-as-object, this manages to be analogous for something else that's equally unstable within the physical-conceptual structure of this art. For want of a better word we might call this 'content' (though this is to simplify things wildly), and it brings us back to the abject and to the famously big psychological knot of object relations as they pertain to the child and the mother. Since this, scooping up Kristeva and Freud at the very least, was a major part of GL Brierley's avowed impetus for these paintings......... Martin Herbert ©

Location London
Artforms / type of project Painting