Gina Lundy is a photographer who works with large and medium format cameras to create richly detailed large scale photographs. Her interest lies in exploring how the identity of individuals and communities change during a period of transition or flux. Lundy's work is usually created within a structured series, presenting contrasting portraits, landscapes and interiors enabling the viewer to explore the observed environment at length. Concerned with observing and documenting the topographic results that external forces such as government policy, economic conditions and developer led investment have upon the landscape and society, Lundy's photographs aim to explore both on a physical and a psychological level. Employing different techniques to achieve this aim such as slower analogue film processes and multiple exposures, the viewer is presented with layers of shifting and contrasting surface tensions. In her recent series, 'Games/2012', Lundy uses multiple exposures to create a series of highly detailed singular landscapes exploring two environments simultaneously. Walking the perimeter of the Stratford site with a field camera repeatedly throughout the site's construction, the detailed observations of the 2012 Olympic site highlight the shifting topography of the area and the tenacious relationship between the organic and synthetic landscapes. read full statement

Location Bristol, South West