Photo: Gillian Singer in Leeds/London, Yorkshire

Gillian Singer

Artist, Maker, Consultant

My early work was largely to do with experimentation where I used materials such as tar and bitumen for their earthy treacly qualities. I liked the idea of recycling and that by crushing up eggshells you could retain the material quality of something but remove the association or connotation. I used blood and hair, just because they were there. I liked the idea that everything could be reused, reinterpreted and therefore reinvented with a different meaning. It was all about cause, effect, process and experimentation. I used words a lot at this stage, sometimes directly to express a meaning, either by sewing or weaving. I then moved on to working with purer form, some of these pieces were autobiographical with titles such as: Corner Head/Looking Back/Hairstyle/Arm Around/Prayer Birds/Shape That The Head Might Easily Fit Into/Bird With A House On It's Head. I have made a series of etchings where I experimented with the plate like a sculptural surface. These had titles such as Tattooed Bird/Discourse/Iguana/Animal Heads/Dark Figures/Small Grey figure/Double Tomb II/Bust tombs/Residue/Sleeping Figures/Light Underground/Tomb Series. I have used pulped paper and plaster as a material/ and have printed photographs upon a raised surface for a build up of dense layers of historical information. 'X Ray Series' are composed of tree and leaf shaped galvanised steel boxes with deep compartments containing digitally manipulated, illuminated X-rays. They take X Rays away from the consulting room to somewhere more accessible. The press release for this show read: "Dolls' heads, arms and legs, daffodils dipped in barium meal, cabbages resembling brain scans, and a fig, melon and aubergine have been used symbolically along with black and red coir matting, mirrored perspex and bronze. The X-Rays appear like growing cells in a diagrammatic womb shape. The materials male and female along with black coir matting, bind the images in a fetishistic container." A piece of work I have on show at present at the National Glass Centre is a series of 12 glass boxes, with photographs printed front and back and flickering blown shapes within. It is about walking down a street at night and peering in through windows. The confinement of an image, squares, boxes, sequential pieces are running themes in my work. read full statement

Location Leeds/London, Yorkshire
Activities Lecturing, Workshops, Public art, Commissioning, Visual arts consultancy
Artforms / type of project Project, Architecture, Environment, Installation, Sculpture
Tags architectural, diagram, repetition, symbol, relief, order, geometry, compartments, grid, pattern

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