Gillian McIver

Gillian McIver

Film-maker, Curator, Writer, Lecturer / academic

film maker - video artist - writer | curator |

curator website: |

I am trained as film-maker, with a background

as a cultural historian. I am particularly

interested in work that looks at ideas

surrounding place, locality, transcultural

experience, and which interrogates received

notions of culture and social constructs. |
Since 2002 I have been involved in critical

writing about a variety of art related subjects. |

I produce the critical website |

In 2011 Nazir Tanbouli and I set up Studio75, a radical

artist-run centre in Dalston, East London.and organised the

massive site-specific project The King's Land. |

The documentary film TAKING OVER THE KING'S LAND,

about the project, is out now. |

I am currently writing a book about the relationship of cinema and visual art.
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Location London
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Critical writing, Creative writing, Curating, Film-making
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Text
Tags documentary, history, film, film-making, video, moving image, curating