Photo: Gillian Adair Mcfarland in Bath, South West

Gillian Adair Mcfarland

Artist, Arts development worker, Researcher, Gallery educator, Art therapist

My work is a response to the detail of life; the familiarity and reassurance of repetitive tasks we all feel safe in and the impact of external and unpredictable factors on these. I am interested in harmful behaviours and the wear and tear of living on ourselves and our environment. Themes of 'wearing out' and 'holding together' through 'puncture pictures' and 'stainings'. I am particularly interested in the paper at the points when it is only just holding together. The ink blots counter the deliberate safety of the repetitive action of pinning. I like the sense of 'risk' inherent in these works and the obvious reference to Rorschach inkblots. The idea of symmetry,of two sides to an image and the replaying of an action or ritual in reverse to close or finish a piece appeals to me. A re-enactment and an opportunity to rewind and reflect on an experience in a different frame. I have begun to explored this a little in the positive and negative images. read full statement

Location Bath, South West
Activities Art therapy, Arts in health, Participatory projects, Private commissions, Gallery education
Artforms Education project, Drawing, Environment, Installation, Printmaking
Tags surface, paper, repetition, drawing, ink blots, symmetry, colour, puncturing, stains, disturbances

News & Events

  • The Drawing Machine

    Working with a group affected by homelessness, we are creating a drawing machine for the Fringe Arts Festival, Bath

  • Recollection

    Working with an art therapist to facilitate art making within a museum context with a group of participants affected by memory loss.Based at the Holburne Museum and Art Gallery.

  • Fresh Art

    ACE funded project, working as an artist across the museums of Bath with mental health groups to produce artworks for exhibiting in healthcare settings. Supported by Creativity Works,BPT

  • Here to There

    09/05/2014 – 31/05/2014
    Buchelli Gallery, Broad Street,Bristol

    Solo show of recent work

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  • Drawing Room Project

    Back to school with the infants drawing room project : -)

  • Salisbury open drawing Exhibition

    05/10/2013 – 09/11/2013
    Salisbury Arts Centre

    I have a piece selected for the open Exhibition

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  • Selected for the Derwent Drawing Prize

    16/09/2013 – 26/09/2013
    Mall Galleries,London

    Picture in selected exhibition

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  • Fabric Of The Land, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

    25/09/2013 – 06/10/2013
    Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

    Fabric of the Land is a quest to investigate the inspiration given to art by examination of characteristics of the physical landscape.

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