Georgina Griffiths


My work explores things that might be considered inconsequential, mundane or even disturbing, at first sight: Such diverse subjects as microscopic bacteria, urban debris and household bugs have provided the starting point for my recent pieces. Through a process of deconstruction, I aim to reveal the seductive shapes and colours that lie in unexpected places. My finished work is often aesthetically appealing at first glance, yet it always retains traces of its origins. I aim to initially beguile then unsettle the viewer. In the process, I hope that they too will find fascination in things that usually go unnoticed. Each painting and glass piece involves a range of different techniques and materials. These are often selected to reflect and complement the subject matter. Paintings are usually built up gradually in distressed layers to achieve a luminous, sensual effect. Glass pieces are usually kiln-worked, and I often combine screen-printing, painting and etching to achieve particular effects. By working in two such distinctly different yet complementary media, I hope to push the boundaries of what might be possible to achieve in each. A painting or screen-print often inspires me to develop a 3D glass piece, and vice versa. read full statement