Georgie Grace

Georgie Grace

Artist, Film-maker, Writer, Researcher

Georgie Grace works with text, video, installation, and print to examine the theme of imagined time and the sense of the otherworldly produced by collisions between disparate source materials.

She uses video as a medium for retransmitting text and image with various forms of poetic interference, and as a framework for thinking about perceptions of sequence, surface appearance, and processes of

She is interested in writing constraints and collage procedures as methods for tricking materials into a change of state, allowing them to crystallize as displacements in which the viewer’s imagination can go to work.

Georgie is an Associate Artist at Aid & Abet.
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Location Cambridge, East
Activities Practice-based research, Critical writing, Film-making, Digital Design
Artforms / type of project Digital, Film & Video, Installation, Research, Text