Gemma Melton

Early career

I have a genuine and buoyant practice that grows through the process of making. Themes in my work include architecture, construction, playgrounds, shape, colour and scale, valuing form over function. Within my sculptural installations, the concept is of space and how I use space to organise my materials and create scenarios. I intend to explore space and our relationship to it by creating a physical immediacy that overwhelms the viewer. There is always a sense of chaos in the way the work is hastily made as materials are lashed together and not built to last. Materials include bricks, cardboard, cement, fabric, metal, paint, plaster, steel and wood. I am passionate about materials that I transform through shaping, assembling and painting. My work relies heavily on photography as a form of documentation and inspiration for abstraction. Artist Phyllida Barlow is a major influence to my work which involves constructing, destructing and transforming mundane objects and materials associated with the everyday and giving them a new identity through sculpture. read full statement

Location Suffolk, East