Gemma Coyle

The structure of my work is based mostly from industry and architecture, however, the meaning comes from issues surrounding us: social, religious, political and environmental. My work has often been compared to that of Heath Robinson as it has an element of the mad inventor's quality to it. I feel that juxtaposing a natural or recognisable element within the mechanics, gives the piece life; a connection for the viewer to hold on to. I am constantly commenting or trying to solve relevant issues within my works, either in day to day life i.e. a machine that keeps seagulls at bay while you are trying to eat a fish based meal al fresco, or to more serious global problems. My work usually involves humour. I believe that humour is one human reaction that is capable of connecting everyone. When tastefully placed within a serious subject I find that it creates a bigger impact. I utilise whatever material best suites the idea. As a result my works can be created from anything, just depending on what I am trying to say in the piece of work. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland