Photo: Gemma Cossey in Brighton & Hove, South East

Gemma Cossey


My work explores the relationship between two processes: one that is intended and planned, and another that is allowed to evolve and develop intuitively, organically and sometimes, serendipitously.

Location Brighton & Hove, South East
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
Tags Drawing, Painting, Mixed media, Printmaking, Collaboration, Abstraction, Landscape, Process, Project, Residency

News & Events

  • RECURSIVE Art Pie Open Call

    09/10/2014 – 02/11/2014
    No Format Gallery, London

    RECURSIVE Open Call organised by Art Pie: A5 pieces of work exhibited within the RECURSIVE exhibition curated by Jane Boyer. Horizontal IV (Continuum) was selected as the Curator's Choice.

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