Photo: Gemma Cossey in London

Gemma Cossey


My work explores the relationship between two processes: one that is intended and planned, and another that is allowed to evolve and develop intuitively and organically. This relationship can be ambiguous, the lines between blurred, raising questions about intention. Experiments are made using a pared down and a gradually constructed, often repetitive visual language. Marks, gestures and forms are sometimes improvised and invented, sometimes they are manipulated by initial decisions, parameters and constraints, and at other times they are simply determined by those made previously; questioning the tension between process and aesthetic decision making. Recording and collecting visual information in sketchbooks is an important part of my practice. I often use the landscape as a vehicle to initiate and inform ideas, and have recently taken as a starting point, sketchbook work from the last 20 years based on the landscape of West Cornwall, an area important to me and my roots. Recent β€˜Matriz’ work has then developed through experimenting with colour, light, paring down shape and form, and varying space and depth. A loosely painted and transparent matrix acts as a framework for, and against, a controlled yet intuitive painted system where rules are made and broken. read full statement

Location London
Artforms Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
Tags Drawing, Painting, Mixed media, Printmaking, Collaboration, Abstraction, Landscape, Process, Project

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