Gemma Angel

Gemma Angel

Artist, Art historian, Writer, Teacher, Researcher

I utilise a variety of media and forms to realise my work, though lens-based media, painting and 3D installation have formed the core of my previous practice. My work has also incorporated drawing, specialist imaging techniques (e.g. using Scanning Electron Microscopes), and tattooing.

Past projects have involved developing photographs onto leather using silver gelatin emulsion, light and photographic
installation, and live tattooing in a gallery environment. I am interested in exploring the possibilities of working with highly tactile and bodily materials (leather, latex, surgical thread, vellum, clothing patterns, velvet and silks). My intense preoccupation with the skin stems from my training as a tattooist, and this feeds into my art work, lending to it a highly visceral and corporeal dimension.

I am interested in exploring the traces of human activity and memory left behind in everyday objects and materials, some of which may be intimately connected with peoples lives, generating all kinds of personal associations and perhaps even fetishes; and some of which may be detached and banal, revealing a cold and anonymous object-history.

My previous works seek to weave a complex web of associations between selfhood, the inscription and hidden traces of memory, skin, sex and flesh. The skin surface and its history - be it human or animal - is central to my work; it is the site of encounter with the wider world, the place where identity is formed and assigned, and it is through skin sensations that we prove ourselves finally to be in the world.
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Location Manchester, North West
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Art historical research, Journalism, Critical writing, Creative writing, Curating
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Publication, Drawing, Research, Text

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