Garry Martin

Garry Martin
I use a variety of resin-based materials in an unusual way to produce arresting and alluring sculptures, each possessing diverse levels of interest. I am fascinated by forms that possess collective associations, either through their use or known material qualities. I enjoy the challenge of stimulating desire towards my sculptures and altering initial perceptions. The meticulously
crafted sculptures create an immediate attraction through their tactile surfaces, toying with the viewers urge for physical contact. Each piece is highly finished and labour intensive and become part of an expressive, bold body of work where surface and common association are primary devices for anchoring meaning.

The sculptures are usually overly familiar yet indefinable, as I have recently tended to subvert the chosen recognised objects with the use of traditional deep-buttoning upholstery techniques. While the tactile urge is immediate, I believe this fusion adds the necessary conceptual level needed to continue engaging the viewer as well as adding an amusing edge. I also consider my titles an integral part of the complete work.
I mostly create work from my own inspiration for exhibitions although commission work is always considered.
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Location edenbridge, South East