Gaia Rosenberg Colorni

The work sets out to articulate a haptic approach to the rediscovery of heterogeneous spaces, their construction and habitation. By means of transversals, the artist-explorer enacts new encounters with the surrounding environment, the potentiality of its functions and the socio-political encryptions residing within it. The artist, as well as the work, is in constant flux. Each encounter is mediated and disseminated through the use of widely available technology which surveys and documents the artists' movements in space, enabling their re-presentation within the virtual architecture of the internet. Such dematerialisation in turn produces new possible readings: by permeating pre-existing platforms for communication such as blogs, YouTube, Skype, QR code scanners and GoogleMaps, the work is not only alienated from its intrinsic physicality, but it also freed of its pre-ascribed context as Art-work. While implementing and somewhat critiquing Situationist literature and methodologies, Rosenberg Colorni's often collaborative work converses with the casually playful approach of the adventurous hobbyist. Immediate urban surroundings hence lend themselves as a haven for the exploration of forgotten islands and underground infrastructures, providing local enthusiasts with an untapped source of weekend activities ranging from geocaching, igloo building and dinghy navigating. read full statement

Location Cambridge, East