Fran Crowe


Sometimes playful but at the same time deadly serious, I aim to inspire people to think and act differently by focusing on issues in an unusual and engaging way and via projects that are seriously researched but 'off the wall' in their execution. Often humorous - even surreal - in tone, my work is deliberately accessible with a strong aesthetic. Initial impressions are often visually stunning (huge installations or bold displays of multiple items) - but the sting is in the detail... it shocks while it entertains. I transform modest materials (rubbish, earth and air) into something that is valued but which at the same time provokes, paradoxically commenting on consumerism through the subversion of consumerism's tools.Often I make 'keepsakes' (souvenirs, matchboxes, seed packets) - I like the idea of providing a visual reminder and a talking point to take away. Process (for example, walking and collection) are vital elements of my practice - as is my website which both documents and is the work. I see my work as a catalyst. I do not want my audience to be bowled over by my craftsmanship or by the desire to own an object, but, rather, to be blown away by what it makes them think or do. I want to make waves - to create an unforgettable message and to really inspire change. read full statement

Location Woodbridge, East