Francoise Dupre

Artist, Curator, Project manager, Researcher

Françoise Dupré is a self-employed artist and a part-time senior lecturer in Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art - BCU where she contributes to The Centre for Fine Art Research.  Trained in fine art, Dupré’s cross-disciplinary practice brings together sculpture and textiles. The medium of textiles has been chosen for its plasticity and sociability, its strong connection with the feminine, its cultural specificity yet transnationalism through time and space. Using looping, stitching, construction and assemblage techniques, Dupré makes sculptures and installations, with everyday objects, for art and non-art spaces including shopping mall, hospitals and libraries. Her concerns about site specificity, engagement with and response to social contexts have been instrumental in the development of her collaborative-participatory projects, working mostly with women groups, engaging with a wide range of communities and cultures in the UK and abroad. Self-initiated or commissioned, her projects have brought Dupré to work in post-conflict, faith and health contexts. Françoise Dupré’s textiles-based installations are conceived as portals for imagination through which artist, participants and public can articulate and engage with their multiple cultural and spatial experiences and celebrate becoming cosmopolitan subjects.

Location London
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Community arts, Public art, Curating, Gallery education, Visual arts consultancy, Fundraising, Project management, Evaluation
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing, Glass, Participatory, Textiles
Tags social practice through textiles