Frances Julie Whitelaw

As a metals artist I have focused most of my attention on working in silver which is still my favourite medium for expression. It has many properties which make it exciting and dynamic to work with although it is also a valuable material too. This tension forces the creator to be both bold and careful and this is often the area which I am drawn to. The surface can be matt or dark and go against traditional expectations. Objects may appear functional but one of their purposes is to be desirable, sensual and to be a source of contemplation. Although my work can be seen publicly in gallery settings and exhibitions it is none the less an intimate art form. Whether it is a commissioned piece of silversmithing to celebrate one of life's important stages or a piece of jewellery to be worn on the body or clothing, it is ultimately destined for private pleasure. I enjoy working to that end. read full statement

Location Middlesbrough, North East