Frances Geesin

Artist, Maker, Teacher, Researcher

Concepts Ideas frequently emerge from and are suggested by the materials and processes I use. Sometimes I collaborate with others to create jewellery and accessories or interactive textile panels enabling work to be created which otherwise would not exist. Other works are formed as a metaphor for concerns, issues or narratives I wish to address. The electroplating of textiles creating rigidity from soft fluid surfaces and continues to present numerous challenges and poetic possibilities. It is another way of seeing. Influences The thermoplastic properties of some synthetic fabrics when electroplated present a new visual and aesthetic language and have become my signature. I enjoy the opportunities derived from collaboration with others from science, engineering and Nano technology. The variety of non-woven material and conductive shielding fabrics available for industrial applications has been a major influence on my work. My involvement with the TED team at Chelsea College has inspired some novel ’up cycling’ work. By adapting industrial processes and materials we can enrich our visual and tactile world.

Location Heathfield, South East
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Gallery education, Studio practice