Photo: Frances Carlile in Ludlow, West Midlands

Frances Carlile


I work in sculpture and print and use ideas from each medium to expand the other, sometimes they form part of the same work. I use landscape as an arena or as framing device, within which I can construct an imaginary event. This is most evident in the prints. I also use fragments of actual found landscape; trees, branches and hedge row material. These are sometimes cast, and used in conjunction with carved or constructed elements to make sculpture. During the past few years the motif of the house with its contents of objects from every day life has become the focus for my work. I have used it in sculpture, print and a combination of the two; and more recently drawing. The house is situated within of the landscape and often becomes part of the landscape itself in the form of trees or the forest. Within the work I am exploring ideas of absence, quietness and solitude. What happens when the occupants of the house appear to have left? Do the objects left behind acquire more significance? And what part does memory play? I am interested in reverie and space, both imaginative and physical space. I sometimes use narrative, or a fragment of narrative, as an element in its own right when constructing the work. Narrative can be used as a device to expand space and time. It can be used to focus attention on a particular aspect. The beginning and end of the narrative are not necessarily important. It can be set in any order. Sometimes I construct a set of images to form a sequence. This could take the form of an artists' book, or a series of prints.

Location Ludlow, West Midlands
Activities Residencies, Workshops, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Printmaking, Sculpture
Tags etching, lino cut, landscape, narrative, Woodcut, Drawing, House, Trees, Fairytale