Photo: Florin Ungureanu in London

Florin Ungureanu


MFA Fine Art Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2006-2008 British/Romanian Artist. Received the British Citizenship in 2011. Born on 1st March 1971 in Iasi, Romania. Lives and works in London, England, United Kingdom since 2003. The artist has lived and worked in Verona and Lake Garda, Italy, August 5th 1998 until October 27th 2003, travelling and visiting Venice, Padua, Bologna, Milan, Florence and Rome. He is fluent in English, Italian and Romanian. Artist statement My work explores the concepts of power, politics, history, identity and death through irony and humour. I am interested in how they influence beliefs and perceptions by altering and subverting them. From here derives the desire to further explore the need for uncertainty and the metaphysical loneliness of the human being, addressing such issues as solitude, amnesia, memory, suppression, doubt and the sublime. read full statement

Location London
Artforms / type of project Architecture, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

News & Events

  • The London Salon of Romanian Art at the Romanian Embassy in London in 1 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PH

    I will show paintings in this Group Exhibition at the Romanian Embassy / Romanian Cultural Institute in London in 1 Belgrave Square SW1