Flis Holland

I am currently undertaking a Doctorate at The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. I completed a Master of Fine Arts at The University of Leeds in 2008. Having been based in the north of England for 6 years, I have now relocated to Finland. The working title of my research is 'The Use of Architectural Reconstructions in the Exploration and Communication of Personal Trauma'. I am exploring the extent to which architecture can act as a vehicle for the repression and reconstruction of memory, and subsequently facilitate its communication through a process of inanimate mimesis. Recent works initially appear to be documentation of the exhibition space, detailing a recent intervention. Minor imperfections gradually reveal to the viewer a set of meticulously constructed, lit and photographed scale models. The encounter is not direct but mediated by photography, predominantly by colour reversal (slide) film; installations have taken the form of suspended daylight viewers, 35mm slides installed behind security spy holes, transparencies in light boxes and C-prints embedded into walls. Situated within the same space, the viewer's presence is implicated in, and yet excluded from, the work. At each stage in this process of reading the images, the viewer's access to the work is hindered. read full statement

Location Helsinki