Fiona Watson

Fiona Watson

Artist, Maker, Film-maker

The patterns, rhythms, forms and colours of nature in a microscopic and macroscopic sense have always inspired me. Peripheral vision, a momentary glance at things overlooked or discarded will often spark an idea - something from nothing. In a chemistry of vision, memory and observation, the imagery becomes a sort of visual poem, a simplification to draw the eye to an essence.

main visual influence on my work was studying biology - an invaluable system of observation and interpretation. Sources of inspiration include travel, music, bookshops, ephemera, TV and films, the inconspicuous, things misread, out of focus, discarded, Photoshop, wild goose chases, the space between dreams and waking, snippets of conversation, family and friends.
Career path
Studying Biological Sciences at Leicester University taught me how to focus and explore possibilities - a view into an unseen world. I studied printmaking at the Glasgow Print Studio including etching, screenprinting, lithography and relief printing. The experience of working with artists here and with visiting artists from around the world is invaluable. My aim is to wander without certainty and paint whatever catches my eye.
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Location Glasgow, Scotland
Activities Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Digital, Film & Video, Painting, Photography, Printmaking
Tags artist, printmaker, photography, printmaking

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