Photo: Fernando Velazquez in Sherborne, South West

Fernando Velazquez


Fernando Velazquez is a Spanish artist based in Dorset. Velazquez's art has intrigued his audience for many years, challenging the viewers to confront his personal vision of today's world whilst offering an art that transcends time and space. In his own words 'my art is a reflection of the world around us, a world that I see as a mysterious place, where painting reveals the true nature of human kind'. For the last 20 years, Fernando Velazquez has shown a unique universe of images born from light and dramatic passages of dark fields, offering an art of extreme emotions, a journey towards understanding the power of communicating through painting, 'I believe that art is capable of influencing change whilst creating new life'. Simon Groom writes: 'Velazquez's paintings are not slick one-trick wonders aiming for an immediacy of impact, happy simply to gratify the senses, nor they seem to belong immediately to any particular school or grouping, he is doing something more difficult and substantial: rather than succumb to the vagaries of contemporary taste, he has chosen to engage with the rich tradition of painting to forge his own, highly individual style. It is the mark of a mature artist that each work, though different one from the other, should still be recognisably by the same hand, as though imprinted with the painter's own spirit'.

Location Sherborne, South West
Artforms / type of project Painting