Photo: Estelle Woolley in Chester, North West

Estelle Woolley

Artist, Project manager, Researcher, Community worker

I have a deep rooted affinity with the countryside and its resources, in part informed by my family's long association with farming. The cyclical element of the processes in nature inspires me, as do the insignificant details that we might often pass by. I am interested in ways that we work with or against nature; how we react and intervene, and how nature responds back at a domestic level and beyond. Exploring the oscillation between microcosm and macrocosm, I often question how very small things can imply much larger thoughts or concerns. Through a minimal and poetic use of materials, which are often very fragile, I explore possible narratives and layers of meaning. By subtle manipulation I hope to renew a sense of curiosity, while always highlighting the beauty inherent in the forms used.

Location Chester, North West
Activities Residencies, Workshops, Disability arts, Community arts, Participatory projects, Private commissions, Curating, Project management, Collecting
Tags Sound, Nature, Fragility, Uncanny, Disgust, Sublime

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