Erlend Brown

Concepts To create a living landscape, not in representational terms, but as a voyage of the mind and exploration of material. Also to glean from nature and discarded man-made debris, like any beachcomber. To navigate through human emotion. My subject is the figure in the landscape, but the human presence is hinted at, rather than stated and mostly it is my own creative response to something observed, reworked in the mind and recalled from memory. Influences Environment/Ecology, Nature, Music, Poetry, Literature, Architecture, Scottish landscape. Career path Edinburgh College of Art; Art teacher in primary and secondary schools, in Orkney, for 8 years; Curator of the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney, for 12 years; an artist since 1990, and presently working as an artist in Orkney and Zurich, Switzerland. read full statement

Location Birsay, Scotland