Emma Williams Ceramics

Emma Williams Ceramics


I make decorative low fired ceramic vessel forms and brooches using a variety of clays and techniques.

My bowl forms are made by pouring liquid white earthenware clay or smoothing flat sheets of black stoneware clay into hand made plaster moulds. After removing them from the moulds I scrape and smooth the work with tools and apply white slip to areas of the black clay pieces.

Following an initial
biscuit firing to 1000ºC, I apply metal oxides to the white earthenware pieces to achieve a speckly effect, and then dip, pour and brush on a variety of glazes to create a range of intense colours and tactile surfaces, including vibrant matt turquoise and purple barium glazes and textured 'crawl' glazes, so called because the glaze pulls or 'crawls' away from the clay surface as it heats up in my electric kiln to around 1050ºC, creating the decorative effect.

Inspiration for my work comes from myriad influences found in the natural world including rocks and minerals, birds’ eggs, and aged, weathered surfaces.

I sell my work at events and galleries across the U.K - for a list of stockists, please visit my website.
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Location Nottingham, East Midlands
Activities Events management
Artforms / type of project Ceramics
Tags ceramics, vessel forms, decorative, low fired, blue, purple, textured