Emma Johnson

Artist, Maker

Emma Johnson explores the fragmented, multifaceted nature of memory, time and history. Johnson reconstructs maps into artworks, cutting paths and layers to transform the originals into reconstituted and complex new objects. As functional items, they are rendered virtually unreadable, but symbolically they suggest journeys (both geographical and artistic) and an almost obsessive attempt to communicate and pin down the streams of information and thought that characterise our lives. Working with mixed media and installation, my work deals with issues of deconstruction and transformation, the recycling of materials, and the ambiguity of communication - as well as the obsessive repetitive actions used in the making of the work. Found objects are reconstructed into artworks which stand as a tangible and symbolic presence of the information contained within, but are virtually unreadable - linear communication made illegible. The installations usually take the form of transient pieces, assembled from temporary throwaway materials, sourced locally to the site - using obsessive collection, categorisation, fragmentation, and juxtaposition of objects, images, and text to explore recurring themes of identity, duality, alienation and contradiction within the human condition, as well as the fragmented nature of memory, time and history. The work questions perceived symbolism by removing objects and images from their original context, deconstructing and recycling found materials, and rendering them "useless", or using them for something other than their intended purpose. The physical scale and fragmented nature of the large scale digital images gives them a certain measure of illegibility, highlighting the ambiguity of the images and the potential for imposition of inappropriate meanings. The site-specificity of these works combined with an inappropriate or unexpected use of scale manipulates/distorts accepted relationships between the human body and its scale within an architectural context. read full statement

Location Kesgrave, East