Emma Bernhardsson


I try to think about my work as collages of material, that the sculptures existence is a mere coincidence. The role the material play in its sculptural composition doesn't necessarily reflect its natural strengths or weaknesses, just one of its natures in relation to another components character. I am interested in the way we define and build an identity, and project value onto objects and people based on the situation in which we are confronted with them. As it is in the comparison that ones value is decided are we thereby defined only by the coincidental outcome of the environment we happen to be at a certain moment? I see my sculptures as characters, redefining and defining them selves, changing roles. Can one be strong and weak, soft and hard? I hope to explore and challenge ideas of containment and entrapment and ultimately wonder about the set of rules under which we obey. Ultimately and through these built up collages I try to explore patterns of hierarchy and our attraction to define others and ourselves within its laws. read full statement

Location Torekov