Emily Beckmann

Concepts In my work I try to create objects that escape classification while appearing visually familiar to the viewer. Using the ancient medium of stitch, I layer visual references, and disparate associations, to evoke intuitive responses that supersede cultural difference. I attempt to achieve this by striping back visual information to its rawest, most basic and immediate forms, then cross reference these to provoke simultaneously conflicting emotional responses. I focus on those fundamental aspects that connect us as human beings, so, although my work is derived from specific sources, it is important that each piece contains elements that are culturally and historically non-specific. Integral to the work is the making process. Through contemporary stitching, I explore the associations of objects, the process of making and the practise of archiving. I make objects that are rooted in time and location, and I include the dates and/or places of making within titles. I incorporate found objects into my work, and these are also documented. By working in this way, I am placing value on the time and process, rather than on the materials used, questioning what is conventionally valued as precious. My jewellery pieces are soft and warm to the touch, and more akin to clothing. I like to cause speculation as to the possible functions of my jewellery and textile pieces. Both of my specialisms tend to suggest suggest ritual and ceremony by referencing the power of symbolic imagery,forms, colours and textures. Influences My work is influenced by culturally significant events, changing attitudes and relationships between objects and people. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland