Emer Gillespie

I am an Irish visual artist, based in Brighton, UK. My work, which is mainly photographic in nature, is concerned with the family and the relationships within it. My most recent body of work, Picture You, Picture Me, is a collaborative and explorative portrait project with my daughter Laoisha. Directing each other through role-play and instructions, we decide how the other stands, which direction to face and even facial expressions. These are playful interactions where the camera becomes an instrument of amusement and our photo shoots become play sessions. Exploring topics such as child autonomy and the relationship between subject and photographer it allows the viewer a personal view into this mother/ daughter relationship. Two Homes is a body of work that gives candid insight into an alternative domestic partnership, challenging the notion of a traditional nuclear family as the only viable option in today's society. The family is perpetually evolving, an entity in which relationships grow and shrink, develop and dissolve, strengthen and dissipate. By using comparative diptychs of seemingly mundane subjects, the viewer is encouraged to consider the 'family' in the context of my child's two homes. Photography, by its nature as a visual medium, only shows the surface of what are complex relationships and subjective realities. There is a desire to examine and document subtle relationships in contemporary, re-envisioned family life. As a participant-observer, these images are my own examination of appearance and existence, perception and thought through the visual exploration of my modern family. read full statement

Location Hove, South East