Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth Lewis


Since starting to work in three-dimensions, I have developed the ability to visualise potential in unlikely objects. This has meant that my imagination has been exercised continually for 30+ years - and it continues to be so, either by requests from clients, or by my own ideas. 'Aero-engines', 'Plumbing', 'Early photography' 'Oil rigs', 'Hot metal process of printing newspapers' and 'Orthodontic
appliances' are some of the site-specific subjects commissioned in the past. 'Computer technology' is the subject of a present commission.

The most important criterion has always been to create a work of art - the recognition of the products used coming later.

A few years ago I started working with mirror frames. The reflective quality of the mirror-glass depicts sky or water in the wildlife subjects and, in all designs, it complements the metals and resins used.Influences
Ancient cultures, nature, mythologyCareer path
I am self-taught. This has meant that my reputation has been built entirely on the works that I have produced.

I don't regret the lack of formal training which, in the era when I would have been attending an art school, would have been quite restricting. I didn't know the rules, therefore I didn't know I was breaking them, which in turn gave me creative freedom.

With each commission or each collection of work produced for galleries, I felt that my artistic horizons were expanding and this is continuing.

I still have many components from industrial processes in the 1970s, which are no longer produced. Their peculiarity and rarity add another dimension to my work.
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Location Cardiff, Wales
Activities Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Jewellery, Metalwork