Photo: Elizabeth Couzins-Scott in Poulton-Le-Flyde, North West

Elizabeth Couzins-Scott

Artist, Maker, Teacher, Gallery educator

Concepts My work has developed from my interest in the symbolic and cultural meaning of consumer culture and contemporary anxieties.The interpretation of these themes has been explored using articles of clothing and accessories. During 2010 through a residency in the print room of The University of Central Lancashire I was able to develop a body of work using silk screen techniques.This work was concerned with the rise in cosmetic surgery procedures for younger and younger women.There are powerful cultural forces persuading women to buy into the impossible beauty myth.Our society is consumed with visual images of external female perfection.It would seem that women from early childhood can be socialized into gender stereotypes for social approval.I took imagery from one glossy fashion magazine and printed onto a variety of surfaces then layered and stitched pieces together to present a subversive version of beauty Influences Although I have found the exploration of the expressive qualities of print by Norma Starszakownas to be intriguing I tend to look for inspiration to female fine artists who use materials.The uncompromising textile pieces by Louise Bourgeois and her advice that pieces should liberate themselves from the decorative.Also the ambiguity and unsettling nature of the unusual objects made by Cathy de Monchaux give me my references Career path I originally studied 3D Design(Ceramics) at the Surrey Institute in Farnham and then went to Manchester to study for a PGCE. I went straight into a teaching career after travelling widely in Africa.I wanted to have more control over the results of my work and felt restricted working within a ceramic tradition.I was interested in using different materials and began to use recycled paper to create similar surfaces to my work in clay based on an organized equivalent of organic form and moved towards textile and collage techniques During a recent residency in the print room of the University of Central Lancashire I have become increasingly involved with using silk screen printing techniques. I have worked on commissions for corporate clients, have written articles and books on the techniques of paper making and appeared on television to present the technique. I am a member of the 62 Group of Textile Artists and have exhibited widely with them. I was one of eight members whose work was selected to represent the group at Collect at the V&A,I have worked as a creative practitioner at The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester and was commissioned by the gallery to make textile pieces for the Tactile Collection read full statement

Location Poulton-Le-Flyde, North West
Activities Further education, Adult education, Residencies, Workshops, Arts in health, Gallery education
Artforms / type of project Education project, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Textiles