Liz Chamberlain

Early career

My work exists between an overpowering mess and the subtlety of placement. I aim to create spaces of imperfect beauty, embracing the marks of making, the peeling tape, the smear on the wall or the escaped pebble. These things are the result of the creation frenzy and I find them fascinating. I enjoy creating new and surprising alliances between objects through their properties of colour, texture, weight or material. My enthusiasm for such objects leads to the spontaneous construction of my installations. Preferring to use methods that allow me to work in an instinctual and efficient way, such as stacking, balancing, wrapping and repetition. Leading the focus of my work to the qualities of the materials. My studio installations have often been likened to landscapes or galaxies, with me playing God. I embrace these comparisons. There is a wealth of beauty in this world, whether its cheap, man-made, shop bought or naturally occurring objects, materiality is the essence of this world. read full statement

Location Gloucestershire, South West