Elisabeth S. Clark

Artist, Researcher

The topography of language, of music (and sound) and of our systems of classification and definitions surrounding these landscapes reflects a pertinent and fundamental set of concerns underpinning my interdisciplinary fine art practice. Through a particular process that carefully interweaves what is already there, I seek to accentuate, isolate and question the ephemeral, integral and changing qualities of 'being', by further elucidating 'what is'. In carefully interweaving elements of translation, notation and of site (site-cite-sight), dictums disappear, edifices re-appear. Greater freedom of improvisation is displayed, beginnings re-begun. The refrained refrain syncopates the present-absent parentheses, least irreducible of what they contain. A miniscule lens entices infinite possibilities. My search is for a 'paper language', a language 'en pointillé', for it is never definite but always tangled in a reel of play, of change, of recycling and of renewal. This I negotiate as a practitioner, sculpturally, musically, linguistically and performatively. By presenting an investigation into language's construction, meaning, materiality and choreography, I seek a far more soluble being, always on the verge of becoming. Its very definition expanded, renegotiated and challenged. The work revels in an act of play, its locution, material for consideration. The question specifically seeks 'what is'. To invent by re-creating.

Location London
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Participatory projects, Creative writing, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Installation, Intervention, Performance, Public Art, Text
Website http://www.elisabethsclark.com

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