Eleanor Clayforth

Concepts My ideas emerge from my technique, which is an arbitrary application of free flowing colour and form. I explore patterns of elements with the potential to become developed into new entities. My selection and manipulation of what I consider the most vital parts of the "serendipitous whole" are inspired by what I might see as suggestions of 'atmosphere', 'essential being' and 'sense of time and place'. The paints I use produce effects that in turn further influence my ideas. The attached stories associated with fantasy literature are not essential elements of my work, although they are helpful for collectors. It is rather the development of the arbitrary components in their own right that dictate the outcome of each piece. Influences I am not consciously influenced by any particular artist and am aware only of the inevitable influence of immediate environment (entirely rural) and matters topical, dramatic, literary and supernatural. Career path Qualifications: Graphic Designer - Dip AD (now BA equivalent) with one (Pre-Dip) year at Leeds and 3 years (Dip) at Stoke on Trent College of Art (later North Staffs Polytechnic). 1970/75 Graphic Designer for a paint company in London and Art Buyer for an Educational Publishers in Leeds. 1976/92 Had own gallery in Piece Hall, Halifax. 1978/83 Mounted a series of exhibitions at various universities, notably Bradford, Salford, Keele, Liverpool, Hull, Warwick and York (Langwith College Exhibition at Norman Rae Gallery - in 1983, 1995 and 2005). 1984/02 Exhibitions at various galleries, some commercial, some within Educational Institutions. Regular exhibitions: Sun Pavilion, Valley Gardens. 1992/08 Annual Open Studio Exhibition. My work has been suspended from January to July 2009 during minor surgery. I am now working towards a new Open Studio exhibition currently scheduled for April 2010. read full statement

Location York, Yorkshire
Website http://www.larts.co.uk/xclaye.shtml