Elaine Flannery

I am concerned with the materiality of the materials that I employ; their potency or potential as mediums. Whether it is the pooling of ink as it dries on cartridge paper or the print left on raw clay as the print is registered upon it. I am interested in how my actions can suggest an encapsulation of an action or event. I explore my practice through problem finding; I pose questions to myself that I explore through processes and materials. A recurring theme within my practice is the use of multiples, structures, and repetitions. I find myself continually revisiting previous work, taking new elements and relocating them by putting them back into my points of origin. The role of memory and the central role our body plays in our understanding of time makes it possible for us to simultaneously experience the past and present in the same moment. This can facilitate the reliving of a sensory experience. The ambiguity of the images that I'm using allows the viewer to project their own subjective experiences and memories onto the artwork, thereby reliving a particular moment in time. read full statement

Location Cardiff, Wales