Edward Ashton


I have been making pictures since childhood. In 2006 I completed a degree course in fine art at university where I reaffirmed my love and compulsion to paint. From a continuing passion for landscape painting, I have broadened my scope of practice to tackle broader subjects and ideas. Originally working from my own photos, I began to collect pictures from magazines, newspapers and old holiday postcards. I often create collages, constructing my own scenes and juxtapositions. Titles are especially important for me and I love how they can change the conception of what we see when we look at a work of art. I have always employed a very systematic approach in collecting and cataloguing pictures from my sources, while developing a consistent painting method that gives my work a uniformity and clear sense of style. Various sources inspire my acrylic and collage work - German art from Friedrich through to Richter - to the surfeit of imagery in our daily lives. I intend for my art to serve as a snapshot of real life that is both beautiful and yet troubled underneath. read full statement

Location Greater Manchester, North West
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting