Photo: Edith Doove in Plymouth, South West

Edith Doove

Curator, Consultant, Writer, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

In my curatorial practice I am specifically interested in notions of emergence and contingency, cross and transdisciplinary collaborations as well as socially-engaged art. After a substantial track record of 23 years working in Belgium as a free-lance curator and art critic I moved to Plymouth, UK in August 2010 in order to start my part-time PhD-research at Transtechnology Research.  

From September 2014 I am working as a curator, writer and arts consultant at BUREAU DOOVE.

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Location Plymouth, South West
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Community arts, Participatory projects, Curating
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Education project, Publication, Participatory, Research
Tags curatorial, research, participatory, international, transdisciplinary