Photo: Durbin Lewis Ltd in London

Durbin Lewis Ltd

Artist, Maker, Film-maker, Art historian, Researcher

Durbin Lewis Ltd is an art brand that enquires into the perception of value and worth in material culture. Artefacts form the basis for the work, with antiques through to junked items being used sculpturally and photographically. Initiated in 2009, Durbin Lewis is the art brand as created and designed by John Rogers acting as director. Certain objects are used repetitively in order to generate a sensation of branding, acting as trademarks. Tyres, mattresses and Georgian chairs have all found themselves persistently repeated in the product line, in order to narrow the hyper saturated world of objects that we live in. Studios in London and South Wales.

Location London
Activities Practice-based research, Art historical research, Private commissions, Curating, Collecting
Artforms / type of project Furniture, Metalwork, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture
Tags Antique, photogram, readymade, chair, tyre, mattress, silver, porcelain, welding, value