Duncan Cameron

Concepts Much of my work is a response to my involvement with, and interest in, the sea. I explore notions of immersion and peoples' interpretations of the marine environment and also romantic associations with collecting and discovery. I am interested, in particular, in the sea as an agent of loss, breaking down and consuming many objects lost beneath the waves whilst preserving others. My experiences whilst diving also inform the artworks with themes common to archaeology, and the presentation methods adopted within museums and laboratories. I enjoy working in non-Art gallery settings and working with other artists to create new opportunities. My work is often site-specific and involves an active collecting 'expedition' element. Aesthetics, common with the Eduardian and Victorian collector scientists of the past, collide with contemporary concerns and handwritten notes and observations. Influences My work is inspired by the aesthetics of the science laboratory and museum. I draw much of my material and ideas from my experiences of the sea, collecting natural history specimens and scuba diving. I grew up with an interest in science and biology and my work is shaped by a romantic curiosity about a time when scientists trekked through uncharted jungles, with satchels of brass instruments. I try to pursue my work intuitively and enjoy working with others to create new opportunities and environments for creative practice. I am inspired by a broad range of artists and work, a number of which include Cornelia Parker, Micheal Huisman, Damien Hirst and Marc Dion. Career path At A-level I decided to pursue a career as an artist instead of as a marine biologist. I completed a one year foundation course followed by a 3 year Fine Arts degree in Bristol, where I settled after graduating. I started scuba diving whilst at college and these experiences began to inform my artwork. I started lecturing part-time in 1994 and I am now a full-time lecturer and Foundation course manager at Strode College in Somerset. I was involved with several Bristol based artist led groups, helping to establish new creative opportunities for artists, often in non-gallery settings which included Open City, Artery and the Independent Artists Network . I had a studio at Spike island in Bristol for 14 years where I found the community atmosphere and access to equipment and advice invaluable in helping me to sustain my practice. I completed a part-time M.A in Fine Art at UWIC and a teaching qualification between 1999 and 2003. Between 2004 and 2006 I worked with the publishers Dorling Kindersely to conceive and develop my first book and 'Shipwreck Detective' was published in 2006. I now live in Somerset with my family and continue to work collaboratively with other artists on creative projects, and to exhibit my own work which continues to draw on my interests in the sciences and diving. I also work as an illustrator and lecturer and alongside my ongoing interests in diving and shipwrecks my work has more recently focused on themes of site specific collection and natural history. www.duncancameron.org read full statement

Location Somerset, South West