Photo: Doug Burton in Devon, South West

Doug Burton

Artist, Lecturer / academic, Teacher

The visceral manipulation of matter and the capturing of perceived reality as a frozen entity are central to my ideas. My work questions what it is to alter the fabric of physical materiality, creating an artefact out of the unearthed structure and allowing my own powers as an artist to augment its state. The matter-drawings exist as digital prints, forming a memento to something unrealised and forgotten, picturing the future of the world as artefact. In Jan Zalasiewicz's 'The Earth After Us', a vision of the earth is created as archaeological find for an alien race to discover and investigate about us. This idea of our future as extinct from the world and only our foot print is left behind when nature erodes all our organic self away fascinates me. Through the process of digital-casting and the excavation of a physical history I'm interested in the stratification of time, perceiving the layers as a frozen moment that can be warped and transmogrified within the work. I'm interested in creating a visceral connection between myself and the object; my presence within the act of manipulating the sculptural digital matter creates a crossing of the divide between the actual and virtual space. My Sculptures, Drawings and Animations question notions of the spectacle as a substance, forming a technological version of a world beyond, and the perception of the exiling of human presence, creating a separation within our environment. read full statement

Location Devon, South West
Activities Further education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Digital, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Tags Morphology, Matter, Physics, Celestial, Grotto, Morph, CGI