Photo: Dominique Rey in Aylsham, East

Dominique Rey

Artist, Curator, Gallerist, Art therapist

Concepts Dominique Rey produces photographs, collage, sculpture and video, informed by the history of a place, or by the influence of the human in collision with the monumental in the built world. Rey works with the effects of time and decay on the architecture of a landscape. The work is inspired by growth, war, death and a transience of life along with the notions of an afterlife or paradise that often accompany this. Using found imagery and photographs, etched glass or textile patterns from Islamic and British sources, Rey captures the transformation of environments as they progress between the dystopian and utopian. Recent obsessive interests include WW2 defence structures, Persian gardens and garden pavilions and camouflage. Current literary influences include Paul Virilio, Iranian poets such as Farough Farokhzhad, Hafez and Saadi, Sir Thomas Browne, and Owen Hatherley's writing on modernist architecture. read full statement

Location Aylsham, East
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Art therapy, Public art, Curating
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Glass, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture
Tags military, photography, glass, Iran, sculpture, paradise gardens, postage stamps, textile designs

News & Events

  • Topography Disarranged: Landscape, Dislocation & Place

    23/05/2014 – 07/06/2014
    The Queen of Hungary Project Space, Norfolk

    Eliza Gluckman of Day+Gluckman and Paul Fieldsen-Danks, artist and MA course leader at Norwich University of Arts chose 15 outstanding artists from a nation-wide open submission.

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