Dominic Pote

Concepts My work is attempting to free photography from the conventional static image which freezes a specific instant in time. I am in the process of exploring the possibilities of representing the dynamic of time and movement. This work is not constrained by the photographic frame, instead it is expressed through a sweeping panoramic image which portrays reality in flux rather than a fixed entity. While to an extent preconceived, these panoramic images embrace an element of spontaneity, making each image unique.Influences I like to photograph environments where there is an aspect of transformation or metamorphosis between two, often conflicting elements. While in Prague I became increasingly interested in the city boundary, an environment witnessing the confrontation between urban architecture and the open landscape. In the series Industrial Landscapes, I focused on power stations, factories and quarries located within open landscape. In all of my work, the horizon is of great importance and a strong visual force which I attempt to capture. Whether I am photographing sparse landscapes or busy cityscapes, the horizon is the dominant focus of my images.Career path Since graduating in photography at Nottingham Trent University in 2000, I have exhibited widely across the UK and also abroad. I have carried out various personal projects centred around landscape and architecture, the most recent being a series of works based along the River Thames in London. Future projects include a possible trip to Iceland to research and produce new work influenced by the dramatic Icelandic landscape. read full statement

Location Nottingham, East Midlands