Derek Carruthers

Concepts Although my recent work is figurative, I am aware of my background as an abstract artist and see my paintings as constructions. Researching the tradition of figure composition has led to experiments with the possibility of interpretation and presentation for the 'now' in which we find ourselves. This has taken the form of the use of groups of lay figures or mannequins as symbols and metaphors to parallel aspects of the human condition. The sexless, ageless, raceless anonymity of the figures make them excellent symbols of humankind. Inside the controlled compositions, in the hermetic and circumscribed world the figures inhabit all sort of situations and narratives can be played out. The possibilities seem endless.Influences The human figure, Aesthetic/Formal Concerns, History; own cultural identity (English, British); own gender (Male); Sexual Identity (Heterosexual)Career path I studied art under Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton at the Fine Art Department of Durham University - now part of the University of Newcastle. From the New Contemporaries to the John Moores, Liverpool I have shown in many mixed shows and had several solo exhibitions. I have also had several large scale commissions. My early influence was Pasmore and my constructivist work was included in Arts Council shows etc. Eventually I felt restricted by the rigours of formalism and images and words crept into my work. I had been employed in art education since graduation but left my Professorship at Nottingham Trent University to concentrate on the development of my work and ideas. Publications: 2004 Derek Carruthers, Figuring Art, Akros Publications, ISBN 0 86142 150 7 1999 Photos of Work and Statement, two pages, Exhibit A, Magazine 1988 Exhibitions of Paintings 1985-1988, Derek Carruthers 1985 Haunting Monuments, Derek Carruthers 1979 Artisan, Akros Publications 1965 Mobile Sculpture, Drian Gallery, London read full statement

Location Harston, East Midlands