Denise Swanson

Nature inspires me there is always something fascinating to see a bird in flight, a glimpse of sunlight through darkened clouds, rain falling on leaves, even modern buildings in the way that they reflect the light. I enjoy the whole creative process of making images, from the point of seeing, composing and taking the photograph initially then during post-production selecting perhaps one image from the shoot and working with it to reveal a slightly different interpretation. I prefer to photograph nature I love being outdoors, I find it relaxing and an opportunity to clear the mind and just appreciate what is around you. There is such a huge choice landscapes, wildlife or natural environments, I can find a picture anywhere, even when there is nothing much of obvious interest and those images can be always kept to work on in the future. I use a digital SLR camera with a selection of specific lenses. This technology enables me to capture the maximum amount of detail in an image, which I can then work with afterwards on my computer. I don't use extensive photo manipulation but by creative use of cropping, levels and colour balance adjustments, a new image can often be revealed. I learned from my father at an early age the basics of composition and how to create an image but I never had the patience for painting. I always had an interest in photography but found it frustrating when digital cameras first came out I had to have one and fell in love with the immediacy of it but it is only with the latest digital SLR cameras and lenses that the quality is good enough to work with to create art. My images attempt to explore the detail in natures many forms that often goes unnoticed on a day-by-day basis. Our busy lives lead us to look but not always see what is there right in front of us, so we don't notice entire worlds that exist in miniature around us or the true art in Nature. I take a more abstract view than many nature photographers so rather than taking the more usual reference shots, I like to explore and produce images which are more unusual. My goal is to create images which others find inspiring and which I find satisfying. read full statement

Location Chorley, North West

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