Denise Hickey

Denise Hickey

Artist, Project manager, Arts development worker, Gallery educator, Community worker

My work and projects are assembled with a philosophy rooted in Brechtian theory and have a deliberately playful approach. They are an exploration societal expectation of how we occupy space and gives a means to ‘play’ in this arena. The work considers the notion of aspiration, exploring the status given to objects and the effect they can have on our outlooks and personas. There is a nod to the relationship between art & life, which make everyday materials and practices momentary icons. Many of the works are concerned with the connections between Utopian living and domestic space as well as how we develop ways to coexist in communal spaces.

I am interested in exploring the space where art is made, developed, seen and evaluated. Making in public collaboration environments proves to be an exciting and challenging exploration of contemporary art construction, who and what it is for and why artists insist on making it! I am interested in considering, and asking others to consider with me, the democratisation of art and what constitutes an artistic action or object.

In my practice I like to construct situations or create props that function to bring into public view what is usually private or unacknowledged. In many of my previous projects I have worked in collaboration with other groups or individuals who operate outside of what is traditionally understood as an “art” practice.
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Location London
Activities Secondary education, Special needs education, Workshops, Learning programmes, Participatory projects, Gallery education
Artforms / type of project Education project, Installation, Participatory, Research, Sculpture