Photo: Deborah Jane Batt in Wokingham, South East

Deborah Jane Batt


My work embodies both the abstract and representational and comes originally from the idea of community. The towns and structures we build and the way we shape and neglect the natural and urbanised landscape. In my pictures there is a melancholy a trace of something already lost and I try to recapture that moment in time. 
I am a listed artist on the AXIS database and a member of The National Acrylic Painters Association

Location Wokingham, South East
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Painting

News & Events

  • The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015

    Two painting accepted for the RA Summer show

  • Environment Absorbed

    21/05/2015 – 14/06/2015
    Oil&Water Contemporary Art Gallery, 340 Old York Road, Wandsworth Town, SW18 1SS

    Semi-abstract interpretations of timeless horizons Featuring Deborah Batt, Claire Burke, Philip Hearsey, Carolyn Landale, Emma Rose, Henrietta Stuart and Celia Wilkinson

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