Debby Akam

Debby Akam

Artist, Maker, Consultant, Researcher, Gallery educator

Debby Akam works from a studio in Sockbridge near Lake Ullswater. Her work uses video, collage and woodcut prints to engage with particular places and spaces, often using the device of a journey or passage through a landscape.

Moon, (a video piece recently shown at the Visualising the Rural conference at the University of Cumbria in 2013) is a personal response to the legacy of Romanticism employing
some of the mechanisms by which landscape painters have traditionally reduced the vastness of landscape to the scale of the domestic. It uses immersive music and seductive imagery to draw the viewer into the work to suggest interior spaces of the mind, and layers of consciousness that might predominate in dreams, and meditative states.

Works on paper explore similar territory, within the traditions of Painting and Printmaking. New paintings and woodcuts are characterised by saturated colour, and overlaid slabs of decorative patterning occurring within a shallow space that references Modernist abstract art and Cubism. They draw on organic and vernacular forms, and represent an impulse to make something uses primary forms and natural materials: wood and hand- made paper.

Print and video both allow the possibility of repeating sequences in endless variations, allowing for serendipity and chance. Working in series with mono- print uses very basic technology, and facilitates a process of dialogue with a selected lexicon of imagery and patterns. Implied is a feeling of potential, as these forms can be combined in many permutations and invite different interpretations. When one pattern meets another, its integrity is disrupted, and a transformative process takes place. This undermines the value of a perfect form, finality or closure, and the images have a sense of incompleteness, and of being on the way to somewhere rather than of having arrived.

Debby occasionally runs print making workshops for up to 4 participants. The studio is open for visits throughout the year by appointment.
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Location Penrith, North West
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Exhibitions programme, Visual arts consultancy
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Film & Video, Painting, Printmaking, Research
Tags colour, landscape, print, watercolour, abstraction, eco- criticism

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