Dawn Woolley

Artist, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

My artistic practice encompasses photography, video, installation and performance. I use photographs of objects and people to question issues of artificiality and idealisation. My artwork forms an enquiry into the act of looking and being looked at. Referring to psychoanalysis, phenomenology and feminism I examine my own experience of becoming an object of sight. Voyeurism, exhibitionism and desire intertwine as I attempt to disrupt relationships of power in purposefully provocative scenes. There is a strong performative aspect to my work and it is often difficult to determine whether the photographs are the artworks or documents of performances that have already taken place. This ambiguousness allows me to play with the conventions of photography. read full statement

Location Cardiff, Wales
Activities Higher education, Practice-based research, Residencies, Private commissions, Critical writing
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Performance, Photography, Research
Tags body, performance, idealisation, illusion, feminism, consumerism, still life, tableau vivant, installation, desire
Website http://www.dawnwoolley.com

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