Dawn Lippiatt

Brought up in a thoroughly urban environment, Dawn Lippiatt - now a farmer's wife - uses sculpture, video and installations to interpret country life from a totally new perspective. She struggles to come to terms with many contradictions: the role of a modern woman in very conservative surroundings, the rural versus the urban and the ever- changing political views of the farming world. Deeply fascinated with the fragility of health, life and physical circumstances, she likes to draw on a variety of materials in order to make potent visual connections. In particular animals and animal matter play a pivotal role in the production of her work. She uses them as a metaphor for control; the need to be in control and the fear of being controlled. Like a stage set, her work often adopts theatrical/fairy story roles, where elements play a part in some mad charade, in roles that they may not have chosen but have been somehow thrust upon them. Gulliver 2007 (an over-sized mug, cow skin rug and rope,) War and Peace 2009 (small metal beds and plaster animals) and With/ Without 2007 (a pair of working giant taps with plug) all use size manipulation to determine the viewer's "role" in the installations. Though materially and topically very different, they all play with reality versus the unreal and ultimately for her, symbolise the life we pretend that we live in as opposed to the one that we really do. read full statement

Location nr. Bath, South West