David Rhys Jones

The Journeys of a Modern Day Flâneur Informed by journeys or site-specific locations, this work was developed as the focus of an MA at Central Saint Martins. The journeys are planned in advance and recorded using photographs and drawings. The work draws inspiration from Charles Baudelaire's concept of the 'flâneur', as a detached observer of the modern metropolis. 'He, the lover of life, may also be compared to a mirror as vast as this crowd: to a kaleidoscope endowed with consciousness, which with every one of its movements presents a pattern of life, in all its multiplicity, and the flowing grace of all the elements that go to compose life.' - Charles Baudelaire The images collected on a journey are edited and worked on, in parallel to the forms, to make narrative work that reflects the experience of the journey. The forms are mostly inspired by the architecture that has been observed. In some cases there are two or more pieces that can be moved around to interact with each other. The viewer is invited to re-arrange the work to make their own response. As well as recording a personal journey, this work provides a social documentary -recording the mix of architecture and cultures and the way they co-exist in an ever changing world. read full statement

Location London